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LGS MATRIX TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED identified a need for Technological Solutions in Pakistan and formed Libertine Global Solutions Pvt Ltd. The company provides top-level electronic security solutions and is one of the fastest growing companies within Pakistan. Through a well-earned reputation for providing the most innovative and progressive solutions, along with the best after sales customer services and support, LGS MATRIX TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED have provided their clients advanced state of the art systems alongside integrated measures throughout Pakistan and the Middle East.

We step up in the market and keep our focus in the provision of cost effective efficient solutions, which adds value to the organization rather than being pure overhead with minimal returns.

Mission Statement

"To create and maintain a safe and secure environment wherever your business takes you"

To date LGS MATRIX TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED has been focused on operations within Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, but is continuing its expansion of operations with a more global reach throughout Australia and Far East.


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Some client views of our delivery partners.

"I am deeply appreciative to "LGS Matrix Technologies" on their Professionalism, high standard of Customer Services and Trained Response Team. "
Arif Jalil Piracha
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"We have been very satisfied about their services and can recommend the company to others for similar services in Nigeria or wherever worldwide."
Jan N.T.van Akkerern
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"We would like to thank them for their excellent services during our commercial activities and movements in Port Harcourt, Nigeria "
Rutger-Jan Pegals
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"Throughout this period we have found them to be reliable, efficient and professional"
Curt Stevens
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"We would like to thank them for the excellent training and support "
Hub Power Station
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"As far as Red Transport is concerned, they offer a "second to none" hands on, security umbrella "
Remko Cannegieter
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"they have proved to be professional and efficient, providing day to day personnel and assets security"
Chris Hutton
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"We have been extremely satisfied with their services to date and will continue to use this company "
Ray Honour
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"I believe they are able to meet up with all or any of your security demands."
Yann Gilbert
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"I have found their personnel to be effective as well as professional in their scope of expertise"
Syed Imran Azhart
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